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What’s new for 2024

At Nautique, we’re always aiming to elevate our products and make your days on the water more enjoyable than ever before. Across our entire 2024 lineup, we’ve made advancements to our current boats while simultaneously introducing redesigned models to further that progression. Check out some of the new things we have to offer in 2024!
ZZ8S 2 Midlands Nautique


Available on the 2024 Nautique Paragon and G-Series models, we are proud to offer the brand-new PCM® ZZ8S. After a complete redesign, PCM channels the raw power of General Motors’ most formidable base engine by delivering an industry-leading 630 horsepower and 665 Ft-Lb of torque. With the utilization of cutting-edge innovation that includes direct-injection and supercharged technology, the ZZ8S can also accommodate 89 Octane fuel and is comprised of a remarkable blend of efficiency and power.

ZZ8R Midlands Nautique


Introducing the brand-new PCM® ZZ8R, a remarkable new engine available on the 2024 S-Series and GS-Series models. The ZZ8R was built from the ground up with cutting-edge direct-injection and supercharged technology. PCM has skillfully incorporated all the renowned features that have made PCM famous into this incredible new powerplant. With an ability accommodate 89 Octane Fuel, the ZZ8R delivers 570 horsepower and 600 foot pounds of torque and provides unmatched efficiency and power compared to its counterparts.

standard engines Midlands Nautique


There are several standard engine changes for the 2024 Nautique model year to elevate the performance of our lineup. The 5.3L, direct-injection PCM® ZZ5 blends power, reliability and fuel efficiency and will now come standard in the Ski Nautique 200, GS20, GS22, GS24, S21 and S23. The extremely powerful and reliable 6.2L, direct-injection PCM® ZZ6 is a wildly popular engine and will come standard in the S25, G21, G23, G25 and Ski Nautique.


All-new for 2024, the G23 Paragon continues its reign of delivering exquisite design and unrivaled detail. After undergoing a meticulously redesign, the G23 Paragon is finely tuned to create an even more compelling experience both inside the boat, as well as behind it. As the most celebrated wake sports boat on the market, this next-generation Paragon combines a passion for perfection with performance at the highest-scale.


Born out of relentless innovation, the all-new Super Air Nautique G25 Paragon showcases the next level of flawless design and attention to detail like no other boat on the market. Our award-winning team of designers and engineers pored over every inch of this 25-foot model to make certain it is the most impressive wake sports boat in its class. From industry-leading quality to modern, luxurious styling, this next-generation G25 Paragon delivers on everything you expect from a Nautique.

Super Air Nautique GS24

The all-new Super Air Nautique GS24 redefines versatility in a large-scale towboat. After undergoing a groundbreaking redesign, this model delivers unparalleled performance for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. Paired with Nautique’s renowned quality and dependability, the all-new Super Air Nautique GS24 is an extraordinary multi-sport performer.

nss Midlands Nautique


On the transom of every Super Air Nautique are covers that protect the actuators of our Nautique Surf System® (NSS) from the elements. New for 2024, you now have the ability to select the color of these covers to be either Black or White to further customize the look of your boat.
g23 lunar white Midlands Nautique


Lunar White has become one of the most desired colors in the Nautique offering. Now, this widely popular color can be utilized on the deck of every 2024 Nautique model.

steering Midlands Nautique


The GS-Series and S-Series have received an upgraded steering system for 2024, providing a better driving experience in these models than ever before. They now use electric steering system, which reduces the effort needed at the helm and provides a much more refined feel.