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Super Air Nautique S21 Midlands Nautique

Super Air Nautique S21

Bold styling is paired with class-leading performance in the brand-new Super Air Nautique S21. As the next generation of traditional bow Nautiques, this completely new model delivers a host of features, modern styling and adds a 21-foot offering to the Super Air Nautique S-Series. With wakes and waves configurable for every age and skill level, the S21 is a family-friendly boat built with hull characteristics known for renowned performance. Interior amenities that keep your family in comfort, and waves and wakes you expect from a Nautique, the brand-new S21 is an incredible new addition to the Super Air Nautique S-Series.


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Super Air Nautique S21 Walk Through Video Midlands Nautique
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Coastal Edition Features



The design of the brand-new S21 blends a new modern look with the traditional bow Nautiques you’ve come to know and love. When you first set eyes on the new S21, it’s apparent that our goal was to leave you with a lasting impression. The sharp lines, aggressive angles and sleek design complete the overall look and fortifies the visual aesthetic of the brand-new S-Series.



As you step aboard, the S21 immediately delivers the true Nautique experience. At just 21-feet, this model feels extremely spacious with the large, open lounge. With the ability to configure the interior to accommodate watching the action behind the boat, the S21 has a versatile layout that remains comfortable every way you arrange it. Sit down at the helm, and you’ll be reminded of all of the thoughtful design elements that our team at Nautique have created to make your driving experience unforgettable.



Built with a world-class pedigree, the brand-new S21 provides elite performance characteristics with an emphasis on wakesurfing and wakeboarding. With some of the best surf waves in its class, the S21 makes it easy for any surfer to have fun with the completely customizable wave based on ability or preference. Add that to the wakeboard wakes that offer maximum pop with clean transitions and you’ve got a wake-centric 21-foot boat that’s ready for summer.

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