Super Air Nautique G23

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Super Air Nautique G23 2022 Midlands Nautique

Super Air Nautique G23

A continuation of the best wake boat of all time, the G23 stays true to its mission in 2022 by outperforming anything else on the market while offering the luxury and quality you’ve come to expect. With new tower options, the G23 takes on a new look and adds functionality while still delivering the configurable surf waves and wakeboard wakes suited for every age and skill level. Pair that with luxurious amenities, a versatile interior layout and stunning lines and the Super Air Nautique G23 continues to reign supreme as the best modern-day wake boat in existence.


Super Air Nautique G23 2022 Overview Video Midlands Nautique
Play Video about Super Air Nautique G23 2022 Overview Video Midlands Nautique

G23 Overview Video

Super Air Nautique G23 Walk Through Video
Play Video about Super Air Nautique G23 Walk Through Video

G23 Walk Through Video


Coastal Edition Features



The exterior of the G23 has a striking appearance. With faceted hull sides, modern aesthetics and stunning looks, the G23 leaves a lasting impression with all those who witness it. Sleek, aggressive lines make up the hull sides, while the rear transom area is built for comfort and functionality so everything you need for lounging or for taking your next set are well within reach.



Immerse yourself in the luxury that’s found at every turn inside the Super Air Nautique G23. A particularly well-thought-out helm design gives the driver all the control of the day with everything needed easily within reach. Amenities can be found throughout the entire lounge, which easily converts from a wrap-around social space to the best spot to watch all the action behind the boat with the flip-up and reversible seating options.



Delivering on the G23’s stellar performance reputation, the 2022 G23 hangs its hat on being the best wakeboard and wakesurf boat on the market. A surf wave that can be shaped and scaled based on the preferences of the surfer, the G23 provides the perfect endless wave for whatever you desire. Built on the framework and knowledge of its award-winning predecessor, the wakeboard wakes deliver world-class performance that is unmatched.

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