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Superyacht Tenders

A major part of our business is the supply of Nautique Coastal edition boats to be used as tenders to Superyachts.

We have supplied many Superyacht owners throughout the world with bespoke solutions to meet their requirements and we pride ourselves on the quality of customer service we offer to the captain and crew. Nautique Coastal edition boats are ideal for tenders due to the high quality build materials used in their construction and their ability to withstand the demands of saltwater use. We truly believe Nautique are the only brand of watersports boats to not only deliver the worlds best wakeboard and wakesurf wakes but are also built to withstand the saltwater environment.

Lifting Solutions

Having worked with many Captains and crew over the years to design and fit a tailored made lifting solution for the Nautique range of coastal boats from designing simply keel and spreader bar solutions to more complex hull mounted lifting points. We will be able to design a lifting solution to suit your requirements.

So if your Nautique is stored on deck or in a garage we have the solution to suit your requirements.

Bespoke design

If height is an issue we have also designed bespoke solution for a removing the windscreen and wakeboard tower as pictured above.

If your requirement is for a bespoke gel colour above the vast array of gel colours Nautique offer this can be arranged at an extra cost along with bespoke vinyl seat colours to suit the owners personal requirement.

By selecting the coastal option on the 210/230/G21/G23/G25 Super Air Range of wakeboard and wake surf boats offers a unrivalled saltwater protection package and feature a sealed steering cable with stainless steel steering tube, zinc sacrificial anodes, stainless steel gas shocks, anodised aluminium structural components and the durable, textured Flight Control Tower® finish. Enjoy the user friendly and intuitive GPS mapping and chart plotting capabilities as well as multiple displays through the Nautique LINC Touch System. The optional JL Tower speakers set the standard for premium durability and performance. Our water management system is second to none including a drip tray over the engine and scuppers to redirect salt water outside the boat. Coastal Edition wakeboard racks provide extra protection for durability that matches their premium looks.

Coastal Engines

All Nautique Coastal Edition boats feature a PCM Coastal Engine available from 355hp to the most powerful 550hp. Each engine is equipped with high performance heads, and PCM’s exclusive HO exhaust system.

The platinum tip spark plugs and premium cooling system along with the stainless steel components on the legendary PCM mounting system stretches maintenance intervals into years.

The bullet-proof components and hardware are designed with PCM Coastal SURE COAT protective coatings to successfully endure the rigorous of saltwater use.


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