LPG Conversions

We can convert all types of tournament boats and sports boats to run on LPG form PCM, Indmar, Mercuiser to Ilmor. We can convert your engine with the latest multi point Prins VSI LPG system or induction system if you prefer.

We are the only Tournament boat dealer in the UK to have been factory trained by Prins to fit the system to both PCM Indmar or Illmore engines, All conversion are carried out in house and lake tested after the installation is complete.

  • OEM quality injector.
  • Lifespan at least 290.000.000 cycles or 240.000 km -> 2 year unlimited warranty!
  • Excellent linear flow range (linear 2% accuracy form min to max flow). Linear flow starting from 2,5 msec.
  • Low-resistance 1,25 Ω.
  • 5 injector sizes for engine capacities from 9 kW till 45 kW each cylinder.
  • R67-01 & CSA homologated
  • Compact design: Ø125*95mm
  • Solid design: tested with 60 bar burst pressure
  • Black anodised aluminium
  • Membranes & Vulcanised Seat & O-rings: tested in several conditions under temperatures from -30ºC till +120º C (other specs optional)
  • Over pressure is vented via 6mm hose to inlet manifold
  • Adjustable pressure: 1,7 –2,6 Bar
  • System pressure control with single stage valve.
  • System pressure is independent to inlet pressure (MAP). (This is due to linear flow character of injector).
  • Optional MAP connection. (for turbo charged engines).
  • Very Stable dynamic pressure behaviour compared to other single stage reducers.
  • Flexible lock off valve both standard as BFC as well.
  • Integrated temperature sensor. (NTC resistor, R=2500 ohm at 20°C).

The fuel switch used by the VSI-system controls the following functions:

  • Fuel choice.
  • Monitoring the fuel level.
  • Reporting errors.

We are the biggest converter of boats to LPG in the UK. Over the years we have found that there is no better LPG system for use on a torment boat than Prins VSI.

With prices starting from £1200 + vat you will start enjoying cheaper boating in no time.