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Nautique Coastal Edition 2024

Designed for coastal adventures

The Nautique Coastal Edition was made for saltwater days. If you spend your time on the water by the coast, then you know the value of products built to last. That’s why our Nautique Coastal Editions are made with corrosion-resistant features throughout the boat that protect vital parts from the abuse of saltwater. So whether or not you spend your days in a tropical paradise or an intra-coastal waterway, the Nautique Coastal Edition ensures your boat stands the test of time.

Coastal Edition

The Nautique Coastal Edition includes a wide array of saltwater-resistant features. Stainless steel gas shocks, a sealed steering cable inside a stainless-steel steering tube, zinc sacrificial anodes and anodized aluminum structural components make these boats extra durable. Our water-management system keeps vital components dry, and channels throughout the interior redirect saltwater outside the boat. You can also enjoy the user-friendly and intuitive Navionics® GPS mapping and chart plotting capabilities through the Nautique LINC System.

Coastal Engines By PCM®

Nautique Coastal Edition boats have PCM Coastal engines available from 355hp to our most powerful 630hp. Stainless steel components and hardware provide bullet-proof protection, along with PCM SURE COAT protective coatings that make these Coastal Edition engines comfortably endure saltwater use. Each engine is equipped with high performance heads, PCM’s exclusive HO exhaust system, platinum tip spark plugs and premium cooling system.

Diesel Engines By Yanmar®

G-Series, S-Series and Paragon Coastal Edition boats can be outfitted with the Yanmar diesel option. Built with only the toughest materials to withstand saltwater use, the Coastal Edition Yanmar 8LV is a turbocharged 4.5L engine that delivers an incredible 595 ft-lbs of torque. This high torque output and an incredible power-to-weight ratio make the 8LV Coastal an efficient turbocharged diesel engine that provides a more fuel-efficient option for those looking to keep their RPM’s low when fully loaded.

Bonded Sacrificial Anode

The Nautique Coastal Edition models have integrated a bonded sacrificial anode that adds more protection to the already advanced, corrosive-free package. This is designed to safeguard more key components than ever before at the transom of the boat including the Surf Pipe, Steer Assist Housing, Platform Brackets and Exhaust Bypass. By simultaneously connecting these items to a large sacrificial anode, they can divert the corrosive effect to the anode and withstand the exposure to saltwater to keep your Nautique safe.

coastal underwater gear Midlands Nautique

Underwater Gear

All Nautique Coastal Edition boats feature underwater gear with zinc sacrificial anodes located on the prop shaft and the tunable rudder for the ultimate saltwater protection.

coastal shocks Midlands Nautique

Stainless Steel Gas Shocks

Each Nautique Coastal Edition features stainless steel gas shocks to withstand the corrosive properties of saltwater.

coastal gps Midlands Nautique

GPS Mapping

Enjoy Navionics® GPS mapping and chart plotting capabilities with multiple display options for intuitive navigation displayed right on your LINC Panoray Touchscreen.

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